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A. Rejuvenation/Wellness Package
As per the requirement of an individual, combination of different therauptic procedures and special herbal medications are used to cleanse and rejuvenate the body. Special food regime is also recommended.
The Ayurvedic procedure followed in this regime corrects the uses and abuses you have subjected your body to, rejuvenates your entire system and equips your mind and body to face the future inevitable challenges of modern life in sober and efficient way. Your body cycle is reversed in the best possible way and life becomes more satisfying and enjoyable. We endeavor to gift you, your youthfulness back.
The period of this procedure can be from 3 to 28 days depending on the physical condition of the patient and the constitution of each individual.

B. The major Ayurvedic therauptic procedures
Abhyangam: Body massage using medicated oil
Pizhichil: Massaging the body with medicated oil by using oil soaked pieces of cloth
Dhara: Lukewarm medicated oil, milk or buttermilk is slowly and continuously poured on different parts of body or on the entire body
KIzhi: Rhythmic body massage with a warm pouch (kizhi) of cloth filled with medicinal ingredients
Vasthy: lukewarm medicated oil is kept over special parts of body for a specified time
Thalapothichil: Medicated paste (usually prepared of gooseberry and buttermilk etc.) applied on the head after a mild head massage.
Sirolepam : Medicated paste application over the forehead
Thalam: Special medicated paste is place on the head
Nasyam: Instilling medicated nasal drops in each nostril, preceded by a mild face massage and steam.
Pechu: A cotton pad socked in medicated oil is placed over the head
Netra-sekam: Cleaning the eyes using running medicated water.
Netra-tharpanam: Medicated decoction or medicated ghee is retained in the eyes with the help of a ridge made of black gram paste
Virechana: Cleansing the bowls by inducing purgation-making the patient drink medicated oils/milk/decoction)
Vasthy: (Kashaya Vasthy, Sneha Vasthy or Matra Vasthy) Cleansing the bowls by instilling medicated oils/milk/decoction through rectum

Virechana: Cleansing the bowls by instilling medicated oils or ksheera or medicated decoction through rectum
Swethanam: Steam-bath
Raktha-moksham: Draining out impure blood from a particular body part using leech

C. Panchakarma
This is an Ayurvedic treatment process combining five different therauptic procedures like KAHYAVASTHI, SNEHAVASTHI, NASYAM, VIRECHANAM AND RAKTHA-MOKSHAM; as per the requirement of the patient.

D. Ayurvedic Marma Treatment
Especially for back pain, neck pain, knee problems, frozen shoulder, sciatica, osteo-arthritis, rheumatic diseases, masculo-skeletal disorders, slip disc, lumbar spondylitis, sport injuries and related disorders.

E. Ayur-Physio-are Combination of traditional Ayurveda massage and modern Physiotherapy.

F. We also offer specialized treatments for sinusitis, migraine, sciatica, stress, obesity, diabetes, asthma, neuromuscular, skin, sexual debility and lifestyle-related disorders.

Karithanam Ayur Farms is A FUSION HOMESTAY

Karithanam Ayur Farms is A FUSION HOMESTAY